Smart Soundscape Solutions

Monitoring, appraising, and improving the auditory environment

SoundAppraisal develops technology and solutions to monitor and appraise the auditory environment in ways similar to the perception of humans and animals.

Unlike a decibel meter, our systems do not produce a single number, instead they produce a rich description that provides information about how our soundscapes influence moods, emotions, and behaviors.

We apply this description to monitor, appraise, and improve the auditory environment and with that quality of life.

“Unnecessary noise, then, is the most cruel absence of care
which can be inflicted either on sick or well.”

- Florence Nightingale, 1860

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"The trick is to turn sound annoyance into a blockparty."

- Loesje

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Groundbreaking theoretical knowledgde on how people give meaning to their soundscapes. SoundAppraisal’s technologies and competences have an extensive scientific foundation. You can find our publications on ResearchGate, or read more about it here.

Kirsten van den Bosch
Pedagogic Theory, Emotion, Cognitive Psychology
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Tjeerd Andringa
Cognitive Science, Computer Engineering, Ocean Engineering
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"People are more than decibel meters"

- Kirsten van den Bosch

"Yesterday you said tomorrow. Just do it!"

- Shia laBeouf