Urban Soundscapes

Audition (the capacity to hear and listen) has an evolutionairy history of millions of years, which made human audition suitable for natural environments. However, in the last decades we have filled our urban environments with more and more mechanical sounds. These sounds, like traffic, airconditioning, or amplified music, have positive, but unfortunately also negative consequences: in particular sound annoyance. We need to develop the tools to minimize these unwanted side effects.

For example municipalities and festivals must balance the vibrancy and livability of neighborhoods. In particular the booming music and festival industry demands innovative ways to preserve the support basis in the neighborhood. In addition municipalities and acoustic consultants must find ways to deal with traffic and other sounds that can cause sound annoyance. Fortunately many sounds have positive effects and these can be used in innovative ways to improve the quality of the auditory environment and with that increase inhabitant's tolerance to annoying sources.

Our expertise and tools are highly suitable to create and maintain social sustainable soundscapes.