What is MoSART?

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MoSART stands for Mobile Sound Appraisal and Recording Technology and is a smartphone app which allows users to indicate how they experience their auditory environment. With MoSART we register subjectve, personal appraisal of environmental sound, or soundscapes. This subjective/personal aspect is essential because humans are more than just decibel meters. What decibel meter can do well, namely measuring the sound level, is something that humans typically can't. And what humans do effortlessly – attributing meaning – is something that decibel meter cannot do at all.

That is why we have developed an app in which humans can score the most important aspects of envionmental sounds in terms of plesantness and eventfulness. In addition, MoSART makes a 30 second recording to allow us to couple the subjective appraisal to the actual (objective) sound. This method has a solid scientific basis in soundscape research.